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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  July 16, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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germantown. this was a mile away from the epicenter. we have live team coverage with bruce leshan live from the quake's epicenter in germantown. surae chinn is at the u.s. geological survey. sur ray, we will start with you. >> reporter: you could call the usgs the headquarters and also the epicenter of earthquake research. scientists here talk about and explain what happened this morning at 5:04. they say for some reason the rocks slipped. so imagine these blocks, at an angle, they say, the fault line was at an angle and imagine intense pressure on my hands and it slips an inch or two and that's when you felt the tremors. here at usgs a lot of research is going on and they are looking at the aftershocks that happened minutes later and also that more could be on the way. they are skeptical, though, a
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big one will hit the region but it is not out of the question. a strong tremor could cause quite some damage. they say earthquakes have proven unpredictable and quakes are not common but not unusual either. looking at the class magnitude here. the scale showed 3.6 was minor. in 2004, charlottesville shook at 4.0. and southern virginia had a 5.7 in the late 1800s. scientists say a stronger, moderate quake could hit the region and whoas what's more concerning is how much more populated our area is. and although we are not on a major fault line, new york and memphis are and it could be not a matter of not if but when the next big one shakes. >> if we have a earthquake such as in quebec a of weeks ago, magnitude five quake it was felt in multiple states. if we had a quake like that located near or under a vulnerable eastern city that
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could cause considerable damage and it is a worry. >> reporter: now scientists say if we get through the week without aftershocks we should be good to go and in good shape. they say the size mow graph, the size mommer the and 12,000 people in our area that called and contacted the usgs helped and gives them information to save lives in the future and provide a better infrastructure. we want to head north to germantown, maryland where bruce leshan is standing by where the epicenter hit. >> scientists -- scientists there probably told you 300 million years ago this neighborhood was probably a fairly active earthquake zone. at that point two tectonic plates were colliding with each over and they drove up the appalachian mountains which at that point were higher than the himalayas but they have worn down considerably now and all of that earth from the mountains covers these ancient faults that are deep underground here, considerably
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weakened. >> three seconds you will see it shaking. >> surveillance cameras at euro motors caught a shaking at precisely the time the earthquake hit. >> this is $140,000 mercedes. >> ouch. you are glad there wasn't anything more. >> nothing here. >> the boss may have been worried about the car but that's the last thing on the mind of the salesman desmond and his wife. >> i said what's shaking the house like that. >> the couple was worried the shaking was from someone trying to break in the back door. >> jumped up looking for the gun. if i had it i would have run downstairs with it. can you believe it was right under your house. >> wow. >> reporter: perez kids are shocked by the media hoard that came to their home and shocked by the news that their house sits directly on top of the ancient vault that slipped and
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caused the earth to shake. >> i just sat down on my bed and i thought i was going to expect else and didn't and so i said okayly go back to sleep. >> reporter: the 19,000 block of forest brook road is usually a remarkably pieceful spot. and vas v.a. necessary is a perez figured it was a car racing over the bump out front. not a picture fell or a dish broke and polly the dog is the only one that got worried. >> got up shaking. >> nervous. >> i hope molly is calmed down by now. i think she was more scared of the photographers with their big cameras than the earthquake. i gray up in southern california and i can remember big quakes where houses came down and freeway overpasses came down but what i remember from those is that the earthquake didn't seem to make a noise just clatterring of dishes falling on to the floor. this one woke me up.
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my wife and i both heard this whooshing sound. what that was, i still have no idea. >> whatever it was it was loud, that's for sure, bruce. we dodged a bullet today but what happens if a earthquake strikes while you are at work or in the car? coming up what you need to do during a quake. the germantown quake is one of two that shook maryland. topper has details on the other shaker today. >> yeah, a couple of interesting notes here. my dog got up at 5:00 in the morning to go out. did he want to go to the bathroom or some believe animals can sense before a earthquake strikes. who knows? let me show you where the earthquakes were. ours was the biggest but there were several in the last 24 hours out in arkansas, north of little rock, one northwest corner of tennessee, a little one on the border of north carolina and south carolina but by far and away the strongest one right here in maryland and
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montgomery county. very impressive. the first one actually hit about 5:00. about 5:04 and that was 3.6 and it was over germantown and the second one was near barnesville on the west side of 270 and that hit at 5:16 and that was a 2.0. so, you know, these go on all the time. we just happen to really feel this one. we will come back and look ahead to the weekend, but we don't have any earthquakes this the forecast. we have more rumblings. back to you. >> we will talk about that in a bit. in other news, burglar alarms are usually meant to protect the family, but what about the family pet? district police officers recently shot one family's dog while responding to a false alarm. lindsey mastis talked to the owners at their home. >> she's not a vicious dog. >> reporter: a police officer shot gidget twice. her owners and his mother linda say the bullets hit their border collie's leg and bladder. >> the leg will be the big
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problem. >> it happened last shard the chevy chase neighborhood. she says a house guest accidentally triggered the home alarm system. the alarm company called linda on her cell phone. when she called back she told them it was a false alarm. she wanted the police called off because she was worried about her dog. >> i asked if they want you to stop them and i said yes because they will kill my dog. >> they say the officers may have arrived before the message got through. >> when he entered the back lot he encountered a dog running toward him. the dog was acting in an aggressive manner and the officer defended himself by firing two shots at the dog. >> reporter: they believe the dog may have been running from the officer when she was shot. >> it also appears and we can't prove anything from the shots it looks like she was going back to the basement not out of it. >> reporter: the entire incident is being investigated. the officer that shot gidget is still on duty. right now gary and linda are
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focusing on gidget and the hospital bill. >> right now the bill is topping $19,000. >> reporter: the district's department of risk management is considering paying the bill and seeing gidget through to a full recovery. in northwest washington, i'm lindsey mastis, 9 news now. >> how do you make sure something like this doesn't happen to your family's pet? gary and linda say you should contact your alarm company and let them know about the pets in your home. that way they can notify police in the event of an emergency. a car slices through a parking lot and right in to a maryland business. we'll show you that story coming up straight ahead. but first it is called the biggest medicare fraud bust ever. up next you might be surprised at who they round up. back in two minutes. [ music throughout ] [ male announcer ] looking for a complete picture of your money?
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well the gulf of mexico. let's take a look at it. this is the site of the b.p. well about a mile below the water's surface. the cap installed a few days ago is holding but pressure readings suggest it is at least possible that oil is now leaking from other points in that well, too. now four underwater robots are scouring the ocean floor. they are looking for signs of leaks. b.p. says so far there are no obvious signs of trouble. >> i think it is important that we don't get ahead of ourselves here one of the problems with having this camera down there is that when the oil stops gushing, everyone feels like we are done, and we're not. >> reporter: b.p. engineers agree. they say they need to keep testing an analyzing and they say a permanent fix, the relief well, should be finished next month. it is called the largest medicare fraud bust ever. they are accused of scamming
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states out of $251 million. investigators say several doctors and nurses are among those rounded up in miami, new york city, detroit, houston and baton rouge, louisiana. they were accused of billing medicare for unnecessary equipment, physical therapy and treatments that patients did not receive. >> this enforcement effort is to put people in jail who do these kinds of things. to hammer people so that if you engage in fraud it is not simply you are going to pay some money and maybe work your way out of this thing. our intention is to find people an put them in jail. 94 suspects were indicted and they arrested 36 people as of this morning. the cbs evening news is about 15 minutes away. here's a preview. coming up how the new face of old spice is heating things up on the web. we will have that story and more tonight on the cbs evening news. and right after this break, more on the capital quake. what you need to know during a
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tremor. a earthquake strikes while driving your car, safely pull over, avoiding trees, power lines and overpasses. more advice coming up.
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gold bond therapeutic foot cream. penetrates the deepest layers like others can't. look for the healing seal. gold bond foot cream. serious relief for dry, cracked feet. it was quite a surprise to have a earthquake here in the mid-atlantic. at 5:00 we showed how to prepare for one. now we find out what to do if you are in the mid of a quake whether at home or at work. >> during an emergency and you are sitting at your desk at the office this is what you should do first. >> that's right. you want to make sure, if you notice there is an emergency such as a quake push away from your desk and clear away the items that could be obstructions and get under the desk. >> if your desk is not the type of desk where you can get under, if it is a free-standing structure, you want to make sure you get in to an open
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space, that you move things away. that you simply duck and cover. >> you want to clear the area around you so nothing falls if there is shaking. >> stay away from windows. these rules also apply if you are at home. >> don't than the doorway because it could swing. the hinges could give. the door can swing on to hands and fingers and cause problems. >> another safe place is in the the bathroom. if you are driving stay in the car, pull away from trees, overpasses or power lines. experts say stay calm and stay put. so you can be safe until the shaking stops. in southeast washington, 9 news now. experts say never get in to an elevator during a earthquake. for more advice on what to do before and after, go to our website at stafford county man is sentenced to four months in jail for a tragic accident.
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here's the story. december 12th, matthews junior and his fiance carrie loving were hat a hunting club outing in king george, virginia. prosecutors say that matthews accidentally shot and killed loving on that trip. he pleaded guilty earlier to assault and battery and reckless handling of a firearm. matthews was sentenced to 24 months in jail with 20 of those months suspended. in hartford county, maryland a car crashes through the front of a business. this is along the 2400 block of a road in hickory. the 30-year-old driver is recovering tonight. one other person was injured, a woman who was in one of the parked cars that really took a hit. investigators have not said what contributed to the driver losing control of his car or if they will charge him for the accident. let's hope things are calmer on the roadways tonight. >> no accidents to report throughout the capital beltway but it is slow. it is friday after all.
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from gallows road in to new hampshire avenue it is painfully slow. move to the live camera and show you where this is. river road is jam packed to the 270 spur. give yourself 10 to 15 minutes to get through that route. i-95 in virginia, i have to tell you it will be slow all the way from fairfax county 0 parkway to quantico. back to you. >> thank you. a couple of storms popping up. >> they ma be the only form of relief. 98 today. not a record but plenty hot. the forecast first next three days low 90s. not exactly a cooldown but low 90s. thunderstorms are possible on saturday morning and saturday afternoon with a dying front an then isolated storm is possible on sunday 91 and a few storms possible on monday inching up to the mid-90s. let's break down saturday. muggy to start. we could see a shower or thunderstorm even in the morning as this frontal system dissipates over the metro area
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on saturday. upper 80s by lunchtime. a shower is possible and by evening isolated storm is possible. isolated temperatures in the low 90s. not as hot as it was. tonight, partly cloudy and muggy. thunderstorms are possible. lows in the 70s. wind actress the northwest at ten. show you live doppler. watching the storms in west virginia. in the meantime we have storms north of 670. heavy storms in walkersville and put in to motion, north of frederick. the next hour or so, they will traipse eastward. and through winfield. again nothing severe but heavy rain is possible with these storms. back to the computer. let's talk temperatures. 96 right now. 91 up in gaithersburg. 82 hagerstown. they have had clouds and sprinkles. that's why they are cooler. factor in the humidity and it
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is only 96. didn't change the temperature which means it is not that humid in the immediate metro area. goo south on 95 to fredericksburg and it feels like 112 degrees. saturday morning, partly cloudy. by afternoon, partly cloudy and hot, isolated thunderstorms. high temperatures in the low 90s. winds turn westerly at ten. beach and boating, storms are possible on saturday for the bay. waves one to two feet. highs low to mid-90s. more than anything, boaters need to pay attention to the thunderstorms. isolated thunderstorm is possible on sunday, upper 80s to low 90s. going to the beach, storms are possible. part of the day on saturday. 86 to 90. winds from the south at 10 to 15. by sunday a slight chance of an isolated storm. much better day. and winds northwest at 10 to 15. the next seven days, low 90s on saturday and sunday. a few storms are possible on saturday. just isolated storms are possible on sunday. mid-90s on monday and tuesday.
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in fact, kind of stuck in the mid-90s or low to mid-90s through next week. only form of relief, well, afternoon and evening storms. that's about it. >> all right. from the storms to the insane winds in scotland. >> it is always windy and yucky in scotland but when it is so windy and yucky they have to stop the british open. that is historic levels of yuckiness. as nice as it was yesterday over there yesterday it was nasty today. gale force, i don't know the definition of gale force winds. we will tell you who survived and how tiger did. and the nats go tonight and topper will tell me what gale force winds are coming up. o:
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time for nine sports with brett haber the best sports in town. so jason was getting ready to hit his putt on the 7th green today when his ball started to roll before he hit it. that's what happens when you
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try to play golf in 40-mile an hour winds and even the hearty souls a the beneficiary open knew they had to call things off for a while when that happened. the winds howled at saint andrews. there's the ball rolling. tiger muddled through okay. he bogeyed the first two holes an rebounded. shot one over for the day. birdie there. pretty good at four under the tournament. disaster for yesterday's leader. mcelroy on the 11. back down to where it started. he shot 63 yesterday and 80 today. bit of history, wattson says so long to saint andrews and went out in style. look at this on 18. nearly an eagle. ovation for tom but south africa's louis is lapping the field at 12 under. five ahead of everybody. here's tiger on the scottish -- >> it was unreal. the ball was moving, the ball
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was in the fairway. rosey and i had to back off. i know two times we did it three times because the ball was oscillating and he thought it might move. it was tough out there. >> rosy is justin rose. he wasn't playing with rosie o'donnell or anything like that. here's the stats -- the nationals return from the all-star break tonight in florida and with strasburg and zimmerman and pudge doing what they are doing the nats have a shot to make it a 500 season or better perhaps. but it all depends on what they do in the next 15 days. that's because major league trade deadline is 15 days from now and with dunn and willingham set to be free agents at the end of the year, speculation is thionates will trade them instead of paying them and resigning them but the skipper doesn't want that to happen. he wants to build not tear down. he says he sees improvement
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with these guys. >> there's some progress. there's progress but we want to get to the point where we are not satisfied with progress. we want to make the next step. we just have to regroup after the break here and go play good on the road. >> it will be -- strasburg making his 8th major league start against the giants. he will take on ricky nolasco who has nine wins himself. 13 days until training camp opens for the redskins which means hopefully when then and february, shanahan won't sleep or have a day off or play golf so he got in a last round today. this is the big one with ray romano and john elway and those guys. he can't wait to get started. >> i'm looking forward to it. obviously we know the tradition washington has and i'm looking for the opportunity to work with these guys and bring them
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back to where they have been. >> mike is coming to an organization that has a tremendous tradition ankletted one of his own so i think it is a great marriage. things got tighter at the tour de france today. she now 31 seconds behind. shleck is in yellow and lance is 17 minutes behind. this is a first to my knowledge in baseball history. padres pitcher and alexandria, virginia native matt latos went obvious went on the dl for 15 days with a pulled muscle he suffered while sneezing. he was attempting to stifle his sneeze when he pulled a muscle in his rib cage. he said his hands were full at the time so he couldn't cover with his arm or hand and he didn't want to sneeze on somebody in the room with him. >> seriously? >> they always say you shouldn't stifle a sneeze. let it out. >> you have to let it out. >> and then th


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